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ocean (A) - Muuto
Rohleder Textiles
74% Polyacryl, 26% Polyester, 30,000 Martindale

Ocean is a textile that is composed of man-made fibers with a sophisticated and tactile surface using small woven loops for a unique character. The surface is very easy to clean and maintain due to the fibers used.
clara (B) - Muuto
Design, Anne Birgitte Hansen for Kvadrat
92% new wool worsted, 8% nylon. 80,000 Martindale

Clara is available in twelve sets of reverse colourways. One version is unicoloured and interwoven with melange stitching, while the other is with unicolour stitching on a melange background. The melange yarns add depth to the look of Clara and combine to vibrant effect with the unicolour yarns. The fabric, which changes appearance according to the position of the viewer, projects a strong sense of volume and richness.
colline (B) - Muuto
Design, Frans Dijkmeijer for Kvadrat
75% new wool worsted, 17% polyacrylic, 8% nylon, 100,000 Martindale

Colline 2 is a three-dimensional upholstery textile designed by master weaver Frans Dijkmeijer, which has an intricate structure that stands out as a relief on its surface. Simple yet complex in constructure, it comes in an updated colour scale created by Giulio Ridolfo. The new palette complements the textile’s dynamic yet understated expression. Giulio Ridolfo: ”Colline is a masterwork from Frans. I aimed to create a scale that ranges from clearto obscure (light to dark), and added natural, earthy blended tones to it. As the colours came out of the loom, I immediately felt comfortable and happy with them. Just like climbing a ‘colline’ on a spring day.”
fiord (B) - Muuto
Design, Sigvardt & Barnung for Kvadrat
92% new worsted wool, 8% nylon, 60,000 Martindale.

Fiord is a versatile woollen upholstery textile with a subtle three-dimensional look. Originally designed by Norwegian designer Tone Barnung, it comes in refreshed colours created in collaboration with Louise Sigvardt. The construction of Fiord combines a mélange yarn with a unicoloured yarn that creates pearl-like dots that play across the textile’s surface. This sophisticated expression reflects a key source of inspiration behind the design: moonlight glittering like pearls on the rippling waters of a Norwegian fjord.
rime (B) - Muuto
Design, Åsa Pärson for Kvadrat
90% new wool worsted 10% nylon, 100,000 Martindale

Rime is a woollen upholstery fabric designed by Åsa Pärson, which has a melange-like look when viewed from a distance. It is named to reflect the harmony of the two unicolours used in each of its colourways. Inspired by polonaise carpets from the 17th century, Rime is constructed with a satin weave. This gives it a tight, smooth and lustrous structure. Each of Rime’s colourways combines a clear tone with a shade. For some colourways, which combine similar tones, Rime appears unicoloured. For others, where there is stronger contrast, the structure of the textile emerges much more clearly.
sabi (B) - Muuto
Design, Louise Sigvardt for Kvadrat
65% new wool worsted, 23% recycled wool, 12% nylon, 80,000 Martindale

Sabi is a multidimensional woolen upholstery textile, which explores layers and bright colour paradigms. Designed by Louise Sigvardt, it is crafted, in part, with recycled wool from the yarn spinner Wooltex in the United Kingdom. One of the coloured yarns for Sabi are made of virgin wool, while the other is recycled wool dyed in darker tones. This approach ensures the textile’s dynamic colour palette, which features a classic dobby weave construction. The recycled wool used to create Sabi comes from re-using scraps that otherwise would have been waste.
steelcut 2 (B) - Muuto
Design, Dijkmeijer & Ridolfo for Kvadrat
90% worsted new wool, 10% nylon, 100,000 Martindale

Steelcut 2 is a hardwearing upholstery textile, which is an evolution of Steelcut in an additional colour scale. It is designed by Frans Dijkmeijer and coloured by Giulio Ridolfo. The fabric features an innovative weave, which creates a three-dimensional surface resembling small pyramids or steel points. This gives Steelcut 2 a simple, precise expression, despite the complex weaving technique used in its production.
steelcut trio 3 (B) - Muuto
Design, Dijkmeijer & Ridolfo for Kvadrat
90% worsted new wool, 10% nylon, 100,000 Martindale

Steelcut Trio is a hardwearing woollen upholstery textile with the same construction as Steelcut. Originally designed by Frans Dijkmeijer, it comes in updated colourways crafted by Giulio Ridolfo. The three-dimensional surface of Steelcut Trio resembles small pyramids or steel points. Despite the complexity of the textile’s innovative weave, it has a simple, precise expression. Steelcut Trio is yarn-dyed and made from 3 differently coloured yarns.
divina 3 (C) - Muuto
Design, Finn Sködt for Kvadrat
100% new wool, 45,000 Martindale

Divina is a full-cloth product, which means that it is manufactured by weaving the yarn in a coarse linen hose casing, after which, it is subjected to mechanical processing using very high temperatures, at the same time as it is being coloured. This creates a situation where the surface becomes smooth, directionless and uniform in a manner very similar to the properties of felt.
divina MD (C) - Muuto
Design, Finn Sködt for Kvadrat
100% new wool, 45,000 Martindale

Divina MD is an upholstery textile designed by Finn Sködt. Available in sophisticated, rich colours, which reveal hidden depths as the perspective of the viewer changes, it makes a strong colour statement. In addition, thanks to its smooth, directionless and consistent surface, it complements the shape of furniture very well and is ideal for organically shaped furniture. Divina MD’s full-bodied and subtle structure is ideal for bringing an extensive range of tones to life. Its colourways, which are all crafted from a blend of different tones, appear unicoloured from a distance, but reveal different colour nuances under closer examination.
divina melange (C) - Muuto
Design, Finn Sködt for Kvadrat
100% new wool, 45,000 Martindale

Divina Melange 3 is a vibrant piece-dyed woollen upholstery textile reminiscent of felt. Cheerfully simple, it comes in a fresh, versatile palette by artist and designer Finn Sködt. Compact, comfortable and extremely smooth, Divina Melange 3 expresses colours and the shape of furniture particularly well. It is constructed by weaving the yarn in a simple binding after which it is subjected to pressure and high temperatures. This milling process, which is often associated with fine tailoring, transforms the material from coarse to a soft and uniform, felt-like surface. Produced by piece-dyeing a dark or light grey melange, the textile’s colour palette perfectly reflects Finn Sködt’s pure aesthetic. The new colour scale combines signature nuances, such as hot pink, forest green and Finn Sködt’s favourite ultramarine, together with chalky notes and neutral shades.
hallingdal (C) - Muuto
Design, Nana Ditzel for Kvadrat
70% new wool, 30% viscose, 100,000 Martindale

Kvadrat’s first textile ‘Hallingdal’ has become the archetype of woollen textiles. The very durable upholstery fabric was originally designed in 1965 by Nanna Ditzel, and is now available in a version with an updated colour scale.. Hallingdal 65 is made of wool and viscose, which complement each other well: the wool provides excellent durability and flexibility, whilst the viscose adds brilliance and depth to the colour. Both materials are dyed before they are spun, which highlights the rich texture of the fabric.
planum (C) - Muuto
Design, Raw Color for Kvadrat
44% new wool, 42% polyester, 14% nylon, 100,000 Martindale

Planum is a knitted upholstery textile with a refined woven expression and a smooth, soft surface. It comes in curiosity-inspiring colours crafted by Dutch Design Studio Raw Color. Characterised by a subtle matt lustre and a natural, dry handle, the knitted textile is constructed using a simple double-knit with a predominantly woollen surface. To create the versatile colour scale for Planum, Raw Color took a collection of three-dimensional objects as a starting point. The studio explored diverse directions and shades before making a final selection of 20 tones from 350 hand-painted samples. Raw Color: “We decided to develop the colour palette based on hand-painted swatches. This enabled us to create shades that are less expected and uncommon.” Naturally for a knitted textile, Planum features excellent stretchability, making it ideal for upholstering organic forms while minimising the number of seams.
clay (E) - Muuto
Design, Sahco for Kvadrat
76% linen, 21% cotton, 3% polyester, 45,000 Martindale

Bringing together both natural beauty and a sense of finesse, the creative team have mixed colours of yarn in warp and weft to create an elegant yet casual fabric. The result has a unique structured surface that adds and extra dimension to any interior design scheme. With a back cloth that gives extra stability, Clay is perfect for upholstering furniture. The colours are inspired by the designer’s love of both art and interiors and include cool shades of cement, blue, and salvia but also the natural shades of wood and clay.
vidar 4 (E) - Muuto
Design, Fanny Aronsen & Raf Simons for Kvadrat
94% new wool, 6% nylon, 100,000 Martindale

Originally designed by Fanny Aronsen, Vidar has been re-coloured by Raf Simons, with shades ranging from moss green, dark aubergine, ruby red and midnight blue through to brick and earth tones, and easy neutrals. The gentle satin surface finish of the weave contrasts with the deep shadowy tones in the depths, giving a multifaceted richness to the intense colours in the range. Tightly woven, without the irregularities of the other bouclé fabrics within this collection, Vidar has an inviting texture, which variously recalls blackberries, orange peel or the comforting close-knit texture of a favourite sweater.
twill weave (E) - Muuto
Design, Jonathan Olivares for Kvadrat
90% new wool worsted 10% nylon, 60,000 Martindale

Twill Weave brings a contemporary interpretation to the classic woollen twill upholstery textile. It is crafted by American designer Jonathan Olivares. Twill Weave derives its full-bodied structure from thick, voluminous woollen yarns. It is constructed with a traditional twill binding, using meticulous production processes to ensure exceptional colour precision. Each colourway for Twill Weave units two tone-in-tone colours – one in the warp, the other in the weft. These combine to accurately reflect the actual colours of minerals, metals and ceramics from Harvard University’s extensive Materials Collection.