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We are happy to provide physical samples of fabrics and finishes to assist with your selection process. There is no charge for this service.

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Drag each selection from left to right and drop into the favorites panel.

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Click the "Order Samples" button and complete the shipping form and final selections. Samples are shipped in 2 to 5 business days.
touch (FB)
20% cotton, 65% viscose, 15% linen. martindale: 40,000.
fone (FC)
27% cotton, 40% polyester, 20% viscose, 8% wool, 5% nylon. Made in Italy. 30,000 martindale.
wake (FC)
55% linen, 45% cotton. 20,000 martindale.
scoop (FC)
10% cotton, 20% viscose, 15% linen, 20% polyester, 25% polyacryl, 10% other. 32,000 martindale.
auro (FD)
52% cotton, 40% wool, 8% nylon. 36,000 martindale.
facet (FD)
72% cotton, 18% viscose, 10% linen. 33,000 martindale.
rico (FD)
56% cotton, 30% viscose, 14% linen. 25,000 martindale.
sofi (FD)
46% cotton, 47% viscose, 7% linen. 22,000 martindale.
luna 2 (FD)
90% wool, 10% nylon. design; Anne Lasthein. Gabriel. 70,000 martindale
europost (FD)
100% pure new wool. Gabriel. 50,000 martindale.
gaja classic (FD)
100% worsted wool. design; Dorte Bo Bojesen. Gabriel. 50,000 martindale.
comfort+ (FE)
88% polyester, 12% polyurethane. Hard-wearing & eco-friendly microfiber by Gabriel. 100,000 martindale.
prescott leather (LA)
elmonordic III (LB)
Semi-Anilin grain leather from Scandinavian cattle. Sturdy structure and distinct character. Elmo leather.
lord leather (LB)
Aniline - full grain-through dyeing aniline leather from European raw hides. 1.3-1.5mm thick.
sahara leather (LB)
Semi-Aniline leather. 1.4~1.6mm thick.