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We are happy to provide physical samples of fabrics and finishes to assist with your selection process. There is no charge for this service.

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linen/cotton blend (A)
70% linen, 30% cotton. Linen/cotton blend has a pronounced rustic slub weave that creates a rich texture for relaxed luxury. It is hardwearing with an abrasion resistance of 22,000 rubs Martindale.
viscose blend (A)
9% cotton, 51% polyester, 30% viscose. Viscose Blend is a mix of cotton, polyester and viscose, which offers a sumptuous soft texture and outstanding durability at 55,000 rubs Martindale.
wool flannel (A)
100% new wool, 45,000 martindale. Wool is a natural fiber suitable for all climates. the wool fibres adapt easily to room temperature, having a cooling effect in warm rooms and a warming effect in cold rooms. The fibres are elastic so they tolerate compression and stretching better than any other materials. Wool naturally repels dirt & it is not prone to static electricity. Intrinsically flame retardant, wool has a very high ignition temperature and chars rather than drips or melts.
linen (A)
100% linen. Made of natural fibers from the stems of a flax plant. It is hypo-allergenic with a hand-woven, rustic quality that is subtly luxurious and simultaneously utilitarian. Linen has an abrasion resistance of 28,000 rubs Martindale. The fiber of the flax filament is long and smooth which gives this fabric great tensile strength and a minimal tendency to stretch. This smoothness also allows dry dirt to be easily removed.
finished leather (A)
Finished leather is soft, supple, and hardwearing. A corrected grain leather, it is water resistant and easy to clean making it suitable for a wide range of applications. The natural cowhide undergoes a retannage process in addition to being treated with technically advanced finishing formulas to create a protective barrier against spillage and staining.