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We are happy to provide physical samples of fabrics and finishes to assist with your selection process. There is no charge for this service.

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Drag each selection from left to right and drop into the favorites panel.

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slideshow (1)
100% polyester. Herman Miller fabrics.
twist (2)
100% recycled polyester.
moire (2)
100% recycled polyester. Herman Miller fabrics.
medley (2)
100% polyester
crepe (2)
100% recycled polyester. Herman Miller fabrics.
messenger (B)
78% post-industrial recycled polyester, 15% polyester, 7% nylon. Maharam fabrics.
medium (B)
100% polyester.
spools (4)
51% recycled polyester, 49% polyester.
noble (5)
100% wool.
stars (E)
100% recycled polyester. Luna textiles.
crush (F)
88% nylon, 6% acrylic, 6% polyolefin.
divina 3 (G)
100% wool. Maharam fabrics.
fresco (H)
39% rayon, 36% polyester, 25% cotton. Luna textiles.
leather (9)
100% leather from Austria. Chrome free.
leather - open line (9)
100% leather from Austria.
MCL leather (11)
Premium semi-aniline dyed leather from Italy with 100% natural full grain. Color variations and surface marks are an inherent characteristic of this natural seating product. Will acquire wrinkles and creases and develop a rich patina with age. Avoid high-wear applications that require high cleanability and those which expose the leather to direct sunlight.
edelman - all grain leather (R)
100% leather from Europe. Full-grain aniline-dyed. Perfect for high traffic areas.
edelman - dream cow leather (R)
100% leather from Europe. Full-grain aniline-dyed. Gentle calfskin grain. Great versatility, perfect when Royal Hide is out of budget.
edelman - metallic dream cow leather (R)
100% leather from Europe. Full-grain aniline-dyed. A gentle calfskin grain, infused with metals and soft shine, on cowhide for huge versatility.
Royal Hide leather (V)
100% European leather. Full grain aniline-dyed. This versatile leather is the most beautiful of its kind. Will develop a rich patina over time.