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We are happy to provide physical samples of fabrics and finishes to assist with your selection process. There is no charge for this service.

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Drag each selection from left to right and drop into the favorites panel.

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Click the "Order Samples" button and complete the shipping form and final selections. Samples are shipped in 2 to 5 business days.
remix 2 (1)
90% worsted new wool/10% nylon
canvas (1)
90% worsted new wool, 10% nylon. Design: Giulio Ridolfo.
hallingdal 65 (2)
70% wool, 30% viscose. Design: Nanna Ditzel for Kvadrat.
basel (2)
design: Herzog & de Meuron for Kvadrat. 90% wool, 10% nylon.
divina 3 (2)
100% new wool. Design: Finn Skodt for Kvadrat fabrics.
divina melange 2 (3)
100% new wool. Design: Finn Skodt for Kvadrat fabrics.
divina MD (3)
100% new wool. Design Finn Skodt for Kvadrat.
steelcut 2 (3)
90% worsted new wool, 10% nylon. Design: Frans Dijkmeijer & Giulio Ridolfo for Kvadrat.
steelcut trio 3 (3)
90% worsted new wool, 10% nylon. design: Dijkmeijer & Ridolfo for Kvadrat.
sunniva (3)
62% new wool, 25% viscose, 8% linen, 5% polyamide.
balder (3)
68% wool, 6% nylon, 26% cotton. design: Fanny Aronsen for Kvadrat.
bespoke stripe (5)
100% worsted new wool. design: paul smith for Kvadrat.
stripes (5)
92% new wool/8% nylon. design: paul smith for Kvadrat.
loke leather (a)
buffed, printed, resistant finish.
thor leather (b)
natural grain, semi-aniline, resistant finish. Please note that colors may vary widely from screen to screen, colors shown here are only intended as a guide.
sif leather (C)
full grain, pure aniline, naked & natural surface.
cowhide (C)
The images are meant to illustrate the look of the cowhide. Each cowhide is individual and the presence of the colors black/ white and brown/white will differ. Please note: each hide is unique & may vary in color, pattern and hair length. Tested according to hair attachment strength BS5131. Natural product, i.e. hairs are affected differently in wear.