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connect (0)
Gabriel fabric. 48% Wool, 41% post-consumer rec pes, 9% pa, 2% pes., 100,000 martindale. Connect is distinguished by its fusion of wool & recycled polyester. Connect offers high-performance properties and is ideal for office furnishings and high-traffic environments.
remix (1)
design: Giulio Ridolfo. 90% new worsted wool, 10% nylon. Gabriel. 100,000 martindale.
bardal (1)
Gudbrandsdalen. 70% wool, 30% viscose. 100,000 martindale.
capture (1)
Gabriel fabrics. 85% New Zealand wool, 15% polyamide. 100,000 martindale. Capture is a lightly felted and multi-coloured wool fabric in a casual yet sophisticated tweed look.
linara (1)
romo fabrics. 63% cotton, 37% linen. 36,000 martindale.
re-wool (1)
kvadrat fabrics. 45% new wool worsted 45% recycled wool 10% nylon. 100,000 martingale. The textile is partly made by reusing scraps from Kvadrat's yarn spinners in the UK. It is designed by Margrethe Odgaard.
ruskin (1)
romo fabrics. 70% viscose, 15% linen, 10% wool, 5% polyamide. 60,000 martindale.
hallingdal (2)
460760 - 70% wool, 30% viscose. Design, Nana Ditzel for Kvadrat.
steelcut 2 (2)
90% worsted new wool, 10% nylon. Design: Frans Dijkmeijer & Giulio Ridolfo for Kvadrat.
steelcut trio 3 (2)
design: Dijkmeijer & Ridolfo. 90% new wool / 10% nylon
sunniva (2)
58% new wool, 25% viscose, 8% linen, 5% nylon, 4% polyester. 50,000 martindale. Produced in Norway.
anta (2)
imatex. 90% linen, 10% polyamide
clay (2)
sacho (kvadrat) fabrics. 76% linen, 21% cotton, 3% polyester. 45,000 martindale.
fiord (2)
design: louise sigvardt & tone barnung. 92% new wool worsted, 8% nylon. 60,000 martindale.
foss (2)
kvadrat fabrics. 76% new wool worsted 11% viscose 8% nylon 5% linen.
loop (2)
Kirby design (romo). 46% acrylic, 23% wool, 15% cotton, 12% nylon, 4% polyester. 60,000 martindale. a flattened boucle weave
savoy (2)
Gabriel fabrics. 100% trevira cs. 100,000 martindale. Savoy is a deluxe short pile velvet upholstery fabric made from high-performing, wear-resistant and flame-retardant Trevira CS polyester. It is suitable for residential as well as commercial interiors alike. *Please note: velour can have press marks (where pile naps have tendency to lay down) either from transport or in use. This is a typical property of velour and it is not to be seen as a defect.
sinequanon (3)
dedar fabrics. 60%CV 16%LI 13%CO 6%PES 5%PAN. 35,000 martindale. Panama weave with slightly shot yarns. A special, careful blend of linen and viscose and a new construction which enables a reduction of the textile weight whilst guaranteeing the aesthetic quality, usage and durability, and also offering good value. This textile, just like the others in this range, feature a water repellent treatment which offers specific protection from liquids and oils.
vidar (3)
kvadrat fabrics. 94% new wool, 6% nylon. 100,000 martindale. The gentle satin surface finish of the weave contrasts with the deep shadowy tones in the depths, giving a multifaceted richness to the intense colors in the range.
divina 3 (3)
100% wool. Design, Finn Skodt for Kvadrat
divina MD (3)
100% new wool. Design Finn Skodt for Kvadrat.
divina melange (3)
100% wool. Maharam fabrics.
grand mohair (4)
danish art weaving fabrics. 100% mohair (cotton base). 100,000 martindale.
safire (4)
kvadrat fabrics. 43% viscose 17% polyacrylic 15% new wool 9% cotton 8% linen 8% polyester. Safire’s coarse surface structure gives a subtle handwoven appearance that is both unique and dynamic, adding a special and unique dimension to this upholstery fabric. The thick boucle and chenille yarns contribute to its wooly handle and soft appeal but also gives a vibrant two-tone effect.
gentle (5)
kvadrat fabrics. 60% new wool 20% nylon 20% polyester. 90,000 martindale. Gentle 2 is the only knitted stretch velvet upholstery textile on the market. The textile is constructed by knitting loops through a base layer and subsequently shearing the surface. Gentle 2 features a rich surface with an elegant shine. Suitable for public and private spaces, Gentle 2 offers excellent stretchability due to its knitted construction. Consequently, it clings to curves in a particularly elegant way and is ideal for upholstering organic shapes, as well as any other form.
vice leather (L0)
European hides. Chrome Ill tanned In Italy. Blaue Engel Ecolabel. Leather surface Is corrected with an even grain pattern embossment. Vice Is an extremely durable leather. Reduced breathability.
omni leather (L1)
European hides, Chrome Ill tanned in Italy Blaue Engel Ecolabel. Elegant leather with harmoneuous and regular full grain structure and a comfortable touch. User friendly with good protection against dirt and light, while being durable.
primo leather (L2)
European hides, chrome Ill tanned In Italy. Blaue Engel Ecolabel. Classic full-grain semi-aniline leather made from the best bull hides. A precise protective layer gives a comfortable touch with good breathability, while adding resistance to dirt.
max leather (L3)
European hides. Chrome Ill + vegetable tanned In Italy. Blaue Engel Ecolabel. Luxurious aniline leather with a natural open-pored texture, made from the absolute top selection bull hides. The leather Is highly breathable and comfortable with a smooth surface and tight structure.
nubuck velvet leather (L4)
Velvet is a nubuck leather with a warm and charming look made from the finest European bull hides. A full-grain aniline hide has been lightly sanded to obtain a matte effect. The velvety soft touch of this nubuck leather is unparalleled by any other article. Nubuck Velvet is Scotchguard protected during the tanning process, while the surface remains sensible in use. Chrome tanned in Italy.
organic leather (L4)
Scandinavian hides. Vegetable tanned in Sweden. Organic content certified. Visible marks and variation In the surface coming from a free-ranging animal life is to be expected. Flaw hides are traceable to certified organic cattle.
vegeta nature leather (L4)
A pure, uncolored aniline leather with a refined touch. This leather is produced from the top selection of Scandinavian bull hides. Discrete marks of animal life demonstrate the material's authentic origin. Vegetal Nature has a natural open-pored texture, making the leather highly breathable. With no protective layer, Vegetal Nature is sensible in use. This leather quickly acquires a unique patina and darkens over time. Fully vegetable tanned in Italy.