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breeze (06)
92% wool, 8% polyamide. design: Cenk Kivrikoglu for Gabriel fabrics.
fame (06)
2409 fame - 95% wool / 5% polyamide. design; Mette Mikkelsen for Gabriel.
revive 1 (6)
Kvadrat. Design: Georgina Wright. 100% recycled polyester fr. 60,000 martindale.
step (6)
Gabriel fabrics. Step is unique in both texture & performance. With its delicate surface, Step is perceived as vivid & interesting. 100% Trevira CS. 100,000 martindale.
step melange (6)
Gabriel fabrics. A sensuous fabric with its two nuances, makes the eyes explore & the hands wander over the voluminous fabric. 100% Trevira CS. 100,000 martindale.
amdal (9)
A lightly felted fabric with a soft surface and is widely applicable and very durable. Design: Per Bjornsen for Gudbrandsdalens. 70% wool, 30% viscose. 100,000 martindale.
breeze fusion (9)
Gabriel fabric. Breeze fusion introduces a palette of colors, each of which contains multiple colors from the related unicolor designs Breeze & Leaf. 88% New Zealand wool, 12% polyamide. 100,000 martindale.
byron (09)
95% wool, 5% polyamide. design: Mette Mikkelsen for Gabriel fabrics.
clara 2 (9)
Design: Anne Birgitte Hansen for Kvadrat. 92% new worsted wool, 8% nylon.
crisp (9)
Crisp is woven in an attractively strong woolen yarn. It has good stretch qualities in both directions & functions optimally even on furniture with ergonomic and round shapes. 93% New Zealand wool, 7% polyamide. 200,000 martindale.
europost 2 (9)
Gabriel fabric. Europost has a popular felted character which gives the upholstered surface a uniform, simple & clean expression. The wool's sheen & quality give the individual colors life & depth. 100% New Zealand wool. 50,000 martindale.
luna 2 (9)
Gabriel fabrics. 90% New Zealand wool, 10% polyamide. 70,000 martindale.
decovin nappa vinyl (09)
synthetic leather (vinyl) with classic, timeless leather grain with a softness and pleasant touch. Suitable for residential as well as commercial settings. 77% pvc, 23% cotton.
remix (9)
design: Giulio Ridolfo. 90% new worsted wool, 10% nylon. Gabriel. 100,000 martindale.
canvas (10)
Kvadrat. Design: Giulio Ridolfo. 90% new worsted wool, 10% nylon. 100,000 martindale.
gandal+ (10)
Specifically designed for use in public settings. Design: Per Bjornsen for Gudbrandsdalens. 95% virgin wool, 4% polyamide. 80,000 martindale.
tonica (10)
100% wool
balder (12)
68% wool, 6% nylon, 26% cotton. design: Fanny Aronsen for Kvadrat.
compound (12)
Kvadrat. Design: maharam design studio. 100% polyurethane. 100,000 martindale.
divina 3 (12)
100% wool. Design, Finn Skodt for Kvadrat
divina MD (12)
100% new wool. Design Finn Skodt for Kvadrat.
divina melange (12)
100% wool. Maharam fabrics.
hallingdal (12)
460760 - 70% wool, 30% viscose. Design, Nana Ditzel for Kvadrat.
heidal (12)
harnesses the positive benefits of renewable sheep's wool & is environmentally friendly. Exudes a quiet, minimalist expression, restrained & comfortable. Design: Merete Haabeth Serrano or Gudbrandsdalens. 80% virgin wool, 10% viscose, 10% polyamide. 156,000 martindale.
koksdal (12)
soft & structured surface texture giving it a feeling of comfort & depth. It was developed for the contract market while also appealing to the general public with its modern but timeless expression. Design: Per Bjornsen for Gudbrandsdalens. 93% virgin wool, 7 % viscose. 54,000 martindale.
ledal (12)
Influenced by nature, the environment, wool & melange in a harmonious combination. Ledal is soft & comfortable. The colors are gentle, soft & delicate. Design: Merete Haabeth Serrano for Gudbrandsdalens. 70% virgin wool, 30% viscose. 72,000 martindale.
medina (12)
Kvadrat. Design: Aggebo & Henriksen. 60% polyester, 28% acrylic, 5% linen. 45,000 martindale.
mira (12)
Gabriel fabrics. A combination of dyed wool & raw hemp gives Mira an irregular & evocative surface. 65% wool, 31% hemp, 4% polyamide. 60,000 martindale.
steelcut 2 (12)
90% worsted new wool, 10% nylon. Design: Frans Dijkmeijer & Giulio Ridolfo for Kvadrat.
steelcut trio 3 (12)
design: Dijkmeijer & Ridolfo. 90% new wool / 10% nylon
comfort + (15)
88% polyester, 12% polyurethane. Hard-wearing & eco-friendly microfiber by Gabriel.
molly (15)
Kvadrat. Design: Asa Parson. 100% new worsted wool. 35-55,000 martindale.
sunniva (15)
58% new wool, 25% viscose, 8% linen, 5% nylon, 4% polyester. 50,000 martindale. Produced in Norway.
luna fleur 2 (17)
Gabriel fabrics. Luna Fleur appeals to the creative user who wants a unique opportunity to set a personal & exceptional stand on an interior. 90% New Zealand wool, 10% polyamide. 50,000 martindale.
coda 2 (20)
Kvadrat. Design: Norway says & Per Bjornsen. 90% new wool, 10% nylon. 100,000 martindale.
cava leather (L1)
Semi aniline, solid colored leather from European bull hides. 1.4-1.6mm thickness. Natural grain. Becomes lighter with sun light exposure.
apache leather (L2)
semi-aniline chrome tanned leather from Scandinavian bull hide. 1.3-1.5mm thick. full natural grain. colors may become lighter with sunlight exposure.
cohiba leather (L3)
Vegetable tanned leather from Scandanavian bull hide with a light surface finish. 1.4-1.6mm thick. Smooth natural grain. Difference in color may appear, as it is not treated with color pigment on the surface but has been through-dyed. Colors may become lighter with sun light exposure.