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We are happy to provide physical samples of fabrics and finishes to assist with your selection process. There is no charge for this service.

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fame hybrid (1)
design: Mette Krebs Petersen. 95% wools of New Zealand, 5% polyamide. Gabriel. 90,000 martindale.
messenger (1)
78% post-industrial recycled polyester, 15% polyester, 7% nylon. 65000 martindale. Maharam fabrics.
tempt (1)
Gabriel fabrics. 100% polyester. 90,000 martindale. DOES NOT MEET CAL117 REQUIREMENTS.
crisp (2)
Crisp is woven in an attractively strong woolen yarn. It has good stretch qualities in both directions & functions optimally even on furniture with ergonomic and round shapes. 93% New Zealand wool, 7% polyamide. 200,000 martindale. Gabriel
mood (2)
With its extended colour palette in burnt and harmonious nuances, Mood is the obvious choice when upholstering demands wool. 92% New Zealand wool, 8% polyamide. 95,000 martindale. Gabriel. DOES NOT MEET CAL117 REQUIREMENTS.
remix (2)
design: Giulio Ridolfo. 90% new worsted wool, 10% nylon. Gabriel. 100,000 martindale.
valencia (2)
Spradling fabric. Vinyl topcoat, polyester hi-loft backing. 300,000 martindale.
canvas (3)
Kvadrat. Design: Giulio Ridolfo. 90% new worsted wool, 10% nylon. 100,000 martindale.
chambray (3)
Dedar. 46% viscose, 28% linen, 11% cotton, 11% polyester, 4% acrylic. 45,000 martindale. DOES NOT MEET CAL117 REQUIREMENTS.
gubi velvet (3)
L'Albero Della Cucagna mfg. 100% cotton. 50,000 martindale. DOES NOT MEET CAL117 REQUIREMENTS.
holmens klaede (3)
100% new wool. 50,000 martindale. Danish Art Weaving mfg.
tonus 4 (3)
90% wool, 10% helanca. Design, Nina Koppel for Kvadrat. 100,000 martindale.
hallingdal 65 (4)
70% wool, 30% viscose. Design: Nanna Ditzel for Kvadrat. 100,000 martindale.
steelcut 2 (4)
90% worsted new wool, 10% nylon. Design: Frans Dijkmeijer & Giulio Ridolfo for Kvadrat. 80,000 martindale.
steelcut trio 3 (4)
design: Dijkmeijer & Ridolfo. 90% new wool / 10% nylon. 100,000 martindale.
coda 2 (5)
Kvadrat. Design: Norway says & Per Bjornsen. 90% new wool, 10% nylon. 100,000 martindale.
sierra leather (5)
a corrected leather with excellent durability. Suitable for the private & public environment. Chrome tanned and produced without PCPs and CFCs which are damaging to the environment. Grain leather from overseas hides, where hump hole & brand marks may occur. Dyed through. Camo leathers. DOES NOT MEET CAL117 REQUIREMENTS.
noir leather (6)
Sorensen leather. Only black...full grain, semi-aniline leather. Matt, soft with a slight texture.
silk leather (6)
Silk is a modern, sleek full grain anilin leather with a wonderful silky touch. Versatile in its many possible applications. Silk has very natural finish where the beautiful, authentic signs of life are left to enhance its overall appeal. Chrometanned, made without the use of PCP and CFC, which are harmful to the environment. Ca-Mo leathers.
dunes leather (7)
Sorensen leather. European raw hide, aniline leather, chrome-free. An elegant, matt surface with a somewhat velvety look and feel. Subtle, natural markings which bring a unique personality to each hide.