globo di luce

Globo di Luce, meaning 'light globe' in Italian, is an elegant pendant lamp from Roberto Menghi. It features a metallic blown glass globe with an anodized aluminum internal reflector which hangs from a transparent electric cord. Globo di Luce's beauty, alone or multiples, blends & transforms it's surroundings, providing a soft glow and making it a perfect fit for any space.

Roberto Menghi was born in Milan and obtained his degree in 1944 from "Politecnico" University of Milan. He has taught architecture at Universities in Venice and Milan, design at the "nuova Accademia" of Milan and at the University of Bath (UK). He was awarded the "Gran Premio" prize twice for the Glass and Design section, and the "Compasso dOro" (golden compass) twice for design. He practices in the architectural design, interior design, furnishing fields and he designs for private and public entities.
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