tod side table

Designed as a 'beauty mark' for a room which brings physical and visual support to a space. The table's organic quality acts as a visual transition from floor to surface which contrasts the usual rectangular forms of the sofas and beds it sits beside. The table is designed understanding it may never exist alone, but instead always next to something else. The reach of the surface over a sofa or bed allows greater flexibility in the home. A small piece with a strong personality. like a beauty mark.

American born designer Todd Bracher sums up his own style as 'respectful, patient and understated'. Ideas either come to him haphazardly or after a period of analysis and experimentation. Nothing, it seems is forced. The most important element of his designs is the 'respectful dialog with the user' producing products that embody his provocative theories and, most importantly, are certainly easy on the eye.
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