spoon chair

The technology used in the design of the Spoon chair makes this an outstanding avant-garde object: the effect is achieved using specific processing techniques, which results in a stylish material that has high levels of mechanical resistance and a width which is easy to customize.

The Spoon chair consists of a batch-formed monocoque body, the reinforced curved connection of the shaft to the central stem provides maximum levels of flexibility and comfort. The lever that regulates the mechanism is perfectly hidden away inside the shaft. The Spoon chair is fitted with a replaceable cushion in the same color, has two comfortable armrests and moves on castors.

Antonio Citterio has worked with various manufacturers in the field of industrial design since 1972. His designs have won many awards, which have included items in the museum of modern art's permanent collection.

Spoon chair is available in your choice of colors with matching seat cushion. White chair is only offered with a black cushion for added contrast.
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