land lounge chair

A design distinctive for its pure lines, it seeks to balance the relation between form and character, expression and fluidity. It was born to serve as an outdoor seat, but its sober and elegant design makes it suitable for indoor uses too. The low, slightly inclined seat promotes a relaxed posture with outstretched legs and supported back. At the same time, it provides the feeling of sitting in a sports car.

With his designs devoted to simplicity and sublime beauty, Fukasawa has designed for a wide range of leading brands worldwide, as well as consulting and working with Japanese major corporations. His designs span a wide variety of fields, from precision electronic equipment to furniture and interior settings.

Land lounge chair, designed by Naoto Fukasawa, is made with rotational molding from the same material used in kayaks. An opening under the seat can be drilled to assist with water drainage. Offered in a variety of color options and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
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