havana outdoor floor lamp

The young, light-weight appearance recalling the shape of a cigar, which ironically gives it its name, the soft light that it emits and the ease with which it blends in with the most varied contexts, have made it the great success that it is today, so much so that it is also part of the permanent collection on exhibit at the New York MoMA.

The outdoor version of Havana consists of a single polyethylene body with signs that recall its division into four segments, a division which distinguished the design of the indoor version of Havana. Rod, base and diffuser support made of metal subject to cataphoresis treatment to add considerable resistance to corrosion and then polyester powder coated. Two different height versions are available - high and low - and three options for floor fastening: repositionable base, stake mounted or underground base. Electrical cable covered in neoprene for outdoor use without switch on the cable. LED retrofit.
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