aram low stool

Inspired by a traditional Indian technique that works with iron wires in circles, the Japanese studio Nendo has designed the Aram tables and stools using a thin, powder-coated stainless steel wire, that adopts different degrees of denseness.

The pattern is denser in the upper part, which strengthens the support surface. However, as the design approaches the floor, it loses density. In the area closest to the ground it even seems to disappear, giving great lightness to the pieces, as if they were floating. Aram is a collection of ethereal appearance, on the edge of the incorporeal, with elements that seem to have been delicately sculpted in the air.

The Low stool from the Aram series is an element that can be used as a seat or as an auxiliary table. This collection is integrated by a set of elements that can be used interchangeably as stools or tables. This one is the Low stool, but this piece is also available in a higher format and a varied range of colors with which you can create cheerful and colorful compositions.
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