fenix rug

The Fenix rug is completely handmade using an innovative take on the chain-stitch technique, which gives it an attractive embroidery-type texture. Its neatly drawn naturalist pattern masks the presence of several phoenixes hidden within the design. The very fine and delicate pattern changes colors randomly because it is made with tie-dye yarns.

GAN has developed their own system to translate chain-stitching into a rug-making technique. First, they draw the design they want to embroider on a cloth, which is attached to a wooden frame. Using this as a reference, and with a special crochet needle, the pattern is embroidered by hand with great sharpness.

Designed by Siamak Egharloo, with an aesthetic expressively close to an engraving or a drawing, the making of this rug involves laborious manual embroidery work. It is available in three sizes, and it is made with 100% virgin wool.
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