cuadros hand loom rug

The Cuadros rug is a design that, although at first glance refers to a classic print, actually rethinks the checkered pattern by using very thick and high-volume yarns. In this way, the appearance of the surface is very textured and open, as if one were zooming in on it. In addition, the thick gray wool yarns used in this model are marbled, that is, they combine strands of different colors into one yarn thread. Therefore, the areas with a greater presence of gray tones actually show a varied range of color and are somewhat blurred, while the areas made with the rust-colored or white yarn are perceived as solid.

Deepening the possibilities offered by hand-operated looms, at GAN, they have gone a step further by exploring not only the traditional flat hand-loom designs, but also elements with high volume, practically three-dimensional, using pure virgin wool that is knotted, cut, braided or looped.
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