prouvé gueridon bas coffee table

In the early 1940's, Jean Prouve turned his attention increasingly to wood as a material. In the case of the Gueridon Bas coffee table, a sturdy top is positioned on three solid wood feet. The elements are connected to each other by means of a folded sheet metal (smooth finish) construction. Referencing a tropical wood version of the time entitled 'Table Africaine', this re-edition is available in your choice of three wood options.

Jean Prouvé (1901-1984), architect, engineer and designer, was endeavored for using highly-developed technologies for metal processing to achieve innovative constructions and forms in his design and architecture work. He played a decisive part in developing construction techniques using light-weight prefabricated parts in architecture, making use, among other things, of insights from the airplane and automotive industry. In his Ateliers Jean Prouvé, the company he founded in 1947, he started not only producing light-weight components but also his own design drafts.
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