pensi round table

The Pensi Table, with its beautifully polished cast aluminum base, is the perfect match to the award-winning Toledo Chair, also designed by Jorge Pensi. The table is available in a range of shapes and sizes, from a small café table to a generous table for six, all offered in two unique top finishes suitable for indoor/outdoor applications.

The Pensi tables are offered in two stainless steel finish options: acid-etched pattern of concentration circles; sanded pattern of scalloped, compact disk-like, 1.24" wide circles; both with wrapped edge. One Metallic Trespa option with a natural black phenolic edge. The Trespa metallic top finish is UV resistant, does not reflect heat, easy to clean and made of recyclable materials. The Trespa metallic top finish is ideal for outdoor use. Disks pattern does not appear on edge.

The Pensi table base consists of anodized and polished aluminum with 4.4" pad-like feet. Four-star base in cafe tables. Five-star base on bistro and dining tables. The central column is a polished and anodized aluminum round tube. Internal weight for additional stability. Includes black silicone non-scuffing glides. The Pensi tables are certified Clean Air GOLD.
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