calmo 80 three seat sofa with chaise

"My starting point is the familiar and the enjoyable. Designs must serve their purpose and, more than anything, they should bring you pleasure." -Hugo Passos

Contemporary, cosy and customizable. Those are just some of the attributes you'll see in Calmo. A sofa concept driven by the idea of personalizing the living space. Expressed in an understated aesthetic that exudes elegance. Calmo's streamlined design is the starting point for your opportunity to add, expand, alter or embellish. The straight lines of the structure gently converge with discrete curves as details. The effect is a calm sense of simplicity.

Choose a fabric from an array of high-end fabrics including leather, each with its own tonality and tactile feel. To enhance a sense of cosiness, Calmo has optional cushions for extra comfort.

In addition to various sized sofas to choose from with a base in either steel or solid oak (please call to specify wood base), Calmo comes with the option of incorporating a chaise lounge on either side. Create a complete sofa setting by adding a chair or two along with matching ottomans. Whether placed individually or configured together, Calmo lets you create any number of sofa scenarios for any type of residential setting.

Calmo is a beautiful convergence of straight lines and discrete curves. A modern take on a flexible sofa concept, with an enticing array of options. The look is simple and serene in this expansive 3-seater Calmo sofa, where straight lines converge with discrete curved details. Comfy cushions complete the picture in this understated expression of elegance.

Includes set of three square cushions shown in image. The Calmo collection is available in various sizes as well as with a wood base in a variety of finish options.
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