no. 1 three seat sofa

"My goal is to create items that serve people and give them the leading role, instead of forcing them to adapt to the items." -Borge Mogensen

No.1 was the first sofa series Børge Mogensen designed when he became Fredericia's house designer in 1955. Fused with his signature minimalist aesthetic and elements typical of the 1950s, along with new functional details such as removable and interchangeable cushions. The result is a design that invokes a familiar, yet distinctly personal character that has proven to transcend ever-changing trends.

With No. 1, for the first time Mogensen used the combination of a tightly upholstered frame with loose inner cushions in both the seat and back. This was done in an attempt to create more tangible construction. The contrast between the rigid frame and soft seat and back cushions adds a new layer of functionality to the design as a whole, as the cushions can easily be removed for cleaning and maintenance.

No. 1 was first presented in 1955 at the Danish International Furniture Fair, which was held annually in the hometown of Fredericia, Denmark. The sofa was Borge Mogensen’s first piece for Fredericia Furniture, and it marked the beginning of their close collaboration.

In 1972 Borge Mogensen and Fredericia CEO Andreas Graversen together received the Danish Furniture Prize for their joint contribution to Danish furniture design - beginning with the No.1 sofa.
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