magis bunky bed

"Kids like to have fun. They like their privacy and they like to feel safe - preferably all at the same time. Bunky provides this environment for them. It is cosy and exciting - it is their very own space in which they can climb, hide and obviously sleep." -marc newson

Marc's first project for children, designed for Magis' children's 'Me Too' range. The Bunky (bunk bed) is a stackable, durable, lightweight & simple solution featuring a molded plastic modular system with stackable elements. Manufactured by Magis using rotational molding, a one-shot process with minimal assembly involved.

Marc Newson is one of the most accomplished and influential designers of his generation. At a young age he has already worked across a wide range of disciplines to create everything from chairs, household objects, bicycles, concept cars to restaurants, a recording studio and interiors of jets, for clients all over the world.

Mattress, mattress cover, pillow, pillow cover and sheets are not included but available to order. Optional mattress is 3.9" high and features expanded polyurethane, with removable cover. The optional pillow is stuffed in anallergic polyester and covered in white cotton, with removable cover. The sheets are white cotton and pillow cover is white cotton with inside pocket.

Includes two single bed units, a pair of intermediate units with ladder. Ladder is always white in color. Single units also available, please call the hive showroom to specify.
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