lune 3 seat sofa

"Sofas tend to be presented from the front - with Lune I want to highlight the beauty of the profile in the way the backrest and the seat are harmonized." -Jaime Hayon

After seven years of collaboration with Fritz Hansen, Jaime Hayon has created a design built on simplicity and urbanity with family ties to his existing pieces, Ro™ and Fri™. Lune is a sofa suited for ultimate relaxation with an aesthetic appearance.

Lune™ is the very essence of a warm and cosy setting, with a dash of exclusivity and urbanity to it. It combines the renowned Republic of Fritz Hansen™ quality with a functional modular system. The result is a playful design where designer Jaime Hayon's curvy characteristics are elevated to an extremely comfortable and beautifully looking sofa from every angle - for a party of two as well as ten.

The word "lune" exists only in Danish and the meaning of it is both a reference to a temperature and to a feeling of comfort. With Lune, Jaime Hayon has taken the flexibility of a modular sofa and added an aesthetic layer to it. The result is a sofa built by several modules with the visual expression of one singular sofa.

For Lune, Fritz Hansen & Jaime Hayon chose the upholstery quite meticulously. The choice of fabric of the Designer Selections is cotton only, with the purpose of creating a comfortable seat with an exceptionally soft touch. The fabric, Linara by Romo, is a cotton-linen blend fabric; it is piece dyed meaning that color differences can appear within batches and make each upholstering - and each sofa - a unique item. The blend of cotton and linen too causes certain visible slubs and neps to the fabric. Note that these are natural characteristics of the cotton and are not to be treated as flaws.

The main characteristic of Lune is its comfort. This feature has been enhanced not only in the choice of the cotton fabric, but also in the way the sofa is constructed. In order to provide the best seating feeling, the cushions are made of four layers of materials: A layer of support webbing at the bottom, the cushion foam in the middle and a layer of feathers made of duck and goose on top of it, all covered by the upholstered fabric. When seated, one feels the comfort and softness of the material instantly, as the cushions shape with the body seated on it. This characteristic of comfort will cause the cushions to remain shaped when getting up from the sofa - with a quick tap or two, the sofa will return to its original expression.
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