cherner side table

Flexible table solutions for the home or office. Built entirely from laminated, molded and cross-ply plywood, making the tables lightweight and strong. Clear finish walnut veneers and contrasting edge laminations create a strong geometry and highlight the handcrafted mitered joinery. Made in the U.S.A.

The "classic stained walnut" option have a stain applied to both the beech core and the walnut face veneer which gives the product a uniform walnut color (very little contrast in color between the beech core and the walnut veneer). The "natural clear stained walnut" option have only a clear finish applied, which emphasizes the contrast between the exposed beech core and walnut face veneer.

The Cherner side table features a multi-ply plywood case with a walnut face veneer. The base is laminated beech core with a walnut face veneer. All components have exposed & profiled ply edges.
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