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Mila Basic Dining Chair

by Niels Bendtsen, from Montis

mila basic dining chair

mila basic dining chair

Design Niels Bendtsen, 2010
Metal frame, polyurethane, dacron
Made in Holland by Montis

Mila is a family dining chair. It's basic properties are its transparency and lightness of weight. Thus a perfect balance is achieved between these two perspectives that lends the chair its vivacity. Mila's seat design succeeds in providing luxury seating comfort which, despite appearances, has sufficient volume to accommodate a high-quality polyurethane seat.

Niels Bendtsen lives and works in Vancouver, Canada. He was educated at institutes in both Copenhagen (Denmark) and Vancouver (Canada). The 'ribbon-chair', designed by Niels, is exhibited in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Mila is offered in three versions in your choice of upholstery. The legs are offered in a variety of finish options.

Mila basic - a dining chair with a straight comfortable back without armrests
20" w | 33.7" h | 21.3" d | seat: 18.1" h

Mila A - a wider dining chair with a straight back and armrests
21.3" w | 34.3" h | 22" d | seat: 18.1" h | arms: 26" h

Mila B - a wider dining chair without armrests
21.3" w | 34.3" h | 22" d | seat: 18.1" h

$802.00 + shipping in the continental U.S.
(please allow 12-16 weeks for this special chair to be created and shipped to your location)


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Niels Bendtsen

Born in Denmark, Niels Bendtsen and his family immigrated to Canada in 1951. In place of a formal design education, he trained as an apprentice for his father, who designed and built Scandinavain furniture. Through working with his father, Bendtsen gained valuable skills and a respect for non-industrial, hand-built traditions, but he was also intrigued by new technologies and ways to satisfy incresing demand. Between 1963 and 1972, Bendtsen had his own retail store where he sold his father's furniture, as well as imported Scandinavian designs. He designed small items for the store, but it wasn't until he was in his early thirties that he truly began designing furniture. Dissatisfied with the quality and limited functionality of the furniture he received from his overseas manufacturers, Bendtsen sold his store, moved to Europe and became a full time designer.
Montis was established in 1974 and quickly focused on modern design with superior seating comfort. The Montis collection stands out with unique color combinations and with their use of various leathers. The company set itself apart from its competitors and achieves high comfort by often applying upholstery to a chair, which was often disregarded in a movement that usually stripped furniture to its essentials. Their techniques came to be regarded as distinctly Dutch.


mila basic dining chair

  there are no reviews of this product yet.

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