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Max Bill Manual Wrist Watch - Numbers

by Max Bill, from ameico

max bill manual wrist watch - numbers

max bill manual wrist watch - numbers

Design Max Bill, 1962
Stainless steel, calfskin, plexiglass
Made in Germany by Junghans

In 1962, Max Bill created mechanical wristwatches for Junghans - impressive timepieces, not only for their aesthetic design, but also their precision. These exceptional and exclusive models have been revived by Junghans with their original Max Bill Design.

The Max Bill Stainless Steel watch is marked by its classic design. This watch is manual and hand-wound, it comes with either a white face with numbers & tan band or black face with numbers & black band. It features a polished stainless steel case with Swiss mechanical movement, convex hard plexiglass crystal, polished stainless steel back and clasp with a calfskin wrist strap. The convex face gives it a highly sophisticated design and impresses the most discerning of buyers. This Max Bill watches are a functional collector's item.

Max Bill is a product of the Bauhaus generation, pupil of Walter Gropius and kindred spirit of Le Corbusier and Mies van der Rohe. He was a virtuoso designer and creative artist, as his diverse activities as a painter, architect, sculptor, teacher and designer amply demonstrate. His work is characterized by clarity of design and precise proportions, which are unrivalled to this day.

Polished stainless steel case 34mm dia. | 9mm h | Swiss movement | incabloc shock-absorber

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Max Bill

Swiss-born Max Bill (1908-1994) is widely considered the single most decisive influence on Swiss graphic design, beginning in the 1950s with his theoretical writing and progressive work. With a start as a silversmith, he would go on to study at the Bauhaus under many teachers, including Wassily Kandinsky, Paul Klee, and Oskar Schlemmer, before moving to Zurich in 1927. He was a true virtuoso, with excellence as a painter, architect, sculptor, typeface designer, industrial and graphic designer, and teacher. Bill was connected to the Modern Movement, and as an industrial designer his work is characterized by a clarity of design and precise proportions. He continuously balanced free and applied art, severe and reduced forms with flowing natural forms, philosophical thinking and practical application. With his famous clock made for the Junghans, part of a long-term examination of time, Bill sought to express the science of form so that it could be understood by the senses. Another notable product design is the "Ulmer Hocker" of 1954, a stool that can also be used as a shelf element or a side table.


max bill manual wrist watch - numbers

  there are no reviews of this product yet.
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