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I-con Desk

i-con desk

i-con desk

Design Michiel van der Kley
Corian, solid wood, stainless steel
Made in the Netherlands by Arco

A unique series of corian desks, the I-con is provided with one or two integrated drawers and legs of stainless steel. The desks can be completed with a matching container with drawers on castors. I-con desks feature a glacier white corian top, stainless steel legs and solid wood front parts in oak or American walnut. The desk can be manufactured with drawers on either the left or right.

Michiel van der Kley has been working since 1987 as a designer. He is currently working on a variety of projects for several Dutch manufacturers. Michiel has contributed a number of unique designs to various prestigious furniture lines.

single drawer: 70.9" or 82.7" L | 29.5" or 35.4" w | 29.5" h
double drawer: 70.9" or 82.7" L | 29.5" or 35.4" w | 29.5" h

$8,065.00 + free shipping in the continental U.S.
(usually ships in 12-16 weeks)


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Michiel Van Der Kley

Michiel van der Kley (b. 1962) decided to become a designer around 1987, after learning about 1920’s design, specifically the Bauhaus movement. By 1989, he was designing and producing furniture for his own company. He would later cease his self-production in favor of just designing, and secured production deals from leading furniture companies, including Artifort and Arco. Since 2007, van der Kley has been focused on designing products that create their own energy. This represents an ideological shift from merely designing beautiful things, to designing things that solve problems, be they of energy or environmental concern. For example, he created a sustainable material, a sort of plastic-paper that he used to make lights, originating from a local, biodegradable Nepalese paper and a special glue.
Arco Meubelfabriek bv is a dutch furniture manufacturer of high quality design furniture. The company was founded in 1904 and is still family-owned. Willem van Ast is not only the owner of the company, but is also responsible for a great part of the Arco collection developed in the past few years. Apart from the design of a piece of furniture, durability, user friendliness and a responsible choice of materials are the ever more important aspects in Arco’s vision. Paying attention to the environment, Arco wants to produce a durable and technically high quality piece of furniture, by using a combination of computer technology and traditional craftsmanship.


i-con desk

  there are no reviews of this product yet.

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