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Hugo High Back Easy Chair

hugo high back easy chair

hugo high back easy chair

Design Simon Pengelly, 2007
Upholstery, aluminum base
Made in Holland by Montis

An ornamental oval dish carries the slender Hugo sitting shape. An asymmetric swivel base cast in aluminum carries the oval dish. The natural flowing shapes create space, without being dominant. Hugo presents its contents with charm. Thanks to it wide diversity and high quality, Hugo can be used anywhere. The armchair would suit a living room or office sitting area.

Simon Pengelly was born in Henley-on-Thames, England. Originally trained at the bench, he was an award winning cabinetmaker before graduating from Kingston University in 1988. Pengelly started manufacturing furniture in the workshop of his father at the tender age of eight. He has since developed into a celebrated furniture designer.

Hugo is available with a high or low back in your choice of a variety of fabrics or leathers. The aluminum base swivels and has small adjustable legs allowing this lounge to rest stable on uneven floors. Leather upholstery in black, brown, red and white are delivered with a matching color zipper. All other upholstery colors receive a black zipper.

high back: 37.9" w | 32.3" d | 39.8" h | seat: 18.1" h

$3,069.00 + shipping in the continental U.S.
(please allow 12-16 weeks for this special chair to be created and shipped to your location)


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Montis was established in 1974 and quickly focused on modern design with superior seating comfort. The Montis collection stands out with unique color combinations and with their use of various leathers. The company set itself apart from its competitors and achieves high comfort by often applying upholstery to a chair, which was often disregarded in a movement that usually stripped furniture to its essentials. Their techniques came to be regarded as distinctly Dutch.


hugo high back easy chair

  there are no reviews of this product yet.

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