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Cork Dining Table Round

by Tom Dixon, from Tom Dixon - sale

cork dining table round

Design Tom Dixon, 2020
Charred, natural cork
Made by Tom Dixon

"I personally love cork because it's tactile, hard-wearing, sound absorbent, fireproof, water resistant, and lighter than water, which is why it floats, so it's easy to transport. In terms of a dream material, you couldn't really get a lot better. There is pretty much no waste in the process, even the dust from the production is used to power the furnaces in the factory" - Tom Dixon

A natural material which has been used for millennia in nautical, construction, apparel and food applications, Cork is the ultimate traditional material fit for the future. By repurposing this wonder material for our range of extremely fat edged and chubby silhouette furniture, we have taken full advantage of the elasticity, the sound absorption and water proof nature of cork, which combined with its natural beauty makes a unique set of seriously sculptural furniture with expressive minimalist attributes and superior functionality.

Cork as a material is seeing a resurgence in design and architecture since it is recyclable and carbon negative, as it can be harvested without harming the tree that it grows on. The carbon-negative material has been charred to give it a rich, deep brown color reminiscent of rosewood. The chubby, rounded silhouettes are designed to let the cork shine.

The Cork Collection includes a large rectangular dining table and a round version available in two sizes.

small (three legs): 37.4" dia. | 29.5" h
large (four legs): 47.2" dia. | 29.5" h

$4,624.00 + free shipping (curbside delivery in the continental US)
(please allow 18-20 weeks for shipment)
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Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon dropped out of the Chelsea School of Art to play bass in the band “Funkapolitan” before teaching himself to produce furniture. The Tom Dixon brand provides a platform to produce iconic and award winning furniture, lighting & accessory designs.
Tom Dixon is a British design company of lighting and furniture. With a commitment to innovation and a mission to revive the British furniture industry, the brand is inspired by Great Britain's unique heritage.


cork dining table round

there are no reviews of this product yet.
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