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Barbry Table

from Fredericia

barbry table

barbry table

Design Aureliene Barbry
Solid oak wood, black lacquered flat iron
Made in Denmark by Fredericia

" I want to reinstate everyday forms, simple and accurate." -Aureliene Barbry

The Barbry Collection is a series of barstools and side tables. The idea behind the Barbry Collection evolved around the initial barstool called Barbry Stool. Barbry Table is a series of side tables in three heights. The circular table top is made in solid oak, and the base is made in black lacquered flat iron. Due to the circular footprint of the base, the contrast between a visually dense table top and light base is balanced.

The Barbry Collection pieces are created from sections of bended steel frames in three sizes, that are combined to form the bases. Then, by combining frames of identical size, the design concept is continued to create bases for sides tables of different heights.

The Barbry Tables are capped with a solid oak table top. When two different table heights are combined the table tops can be arranged together with an overlap creating a small nest.

The Barbry Collection is suitable for both private residences, restaurants and bars. The kinship between barstool and side tables makes it possible to emphasize connection between bar- and lounge area - something that is often seen in modern restaurants and lobbies.

Barbry table 3862: 22.4" dia. | 11.2" h | 12.8 lbs.
Barbry table 3861: 22.4" dia. | 15.9" h | 14.1 lbs.
Barbry table 3860: 22.4" dia. | 20.3" h | 14.8 lbs.

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Fredericia Furniture began as a thoroughly Danish design house, born of a proud heritage. A heritage of unfaltering dedication to the perfection and progression of the design craft. Simple principles guide us along in our ambition to create and deliver a collection that we believe will be the modern originals of tomorrow. Simple principles that honour outstanding quality through a careful selection of materials, functionality and attention to detail.


barbry table

  there are no reviews of this product yet.