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chalice 24 suspension lamp

from Moooi

chalice 24 suspension lamp

Design Edward Van Vliet, 2016
Metal sphere, bakelite, glass
Made in The Netherlands by Moooi

"A good product design is characterized by simplicity and inspiration." -Edward van Vliet

Captivated by the fine beauty and infinite potential of glass, Edward van Vliet reflects on its intrinsic qualities and designs a lamp to capture its essential grace. Blossoms of tulip-like flowers define the lamp and disclose their crystalline chalices.

Glass is the protagonist, the quintessential messenger of light. thanks to the dimmable LED lamps hidden behind the chalices, light is diffused in a natural way and projected by the copper-plated signature flower at the heart of the blossoms. This geometric motif becomes a characteristic pattern that multiplies itself along the edge of each chalice. To complete the picture, playful floral reflections dance around the room evoking a touch of spring indoors.

Chalice is offered in two sizes and two finish options - chromed metal sphere with white bakelite rings and semi-transparent copper plated glass or metallic grey sphere with black bakelite rings and semi-transparent silver plated glass. For fluent dimming behavior, we advise a dimmer that is compatible with the following specs: electronic low voltage (ELV), capacitive load (C-Type) and trailing edge/reverse phase.

chalice 24: 18.9" dia. | 18.9" h | transparent cable: 13' feet or 30' feet
16W, 2700K, CRI85, 450 lumens LED | 40 lbs.

$4,379.00 + free shipping
(usually ships in 20 business days. Please allow 14-16 weeks for longer cord length)
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Moooi is named for the Dutch word "beautiful". The third 'O' in the name stands for extra value in beauty. Moooi has produced work from Bertjan Pot, Maarten Baas and Studio Job. Marcel Wanders is responsible for the overall design process.


chalice 24 suspension lamp

there are no reviews of this product yet.
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