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Tapered Table

tapered table

tapered table

Design Moooi Works, 2013
Solid oak wood
Made in The Netherlands by Moooi

If you are looking for an elegant, fine table to lighten up your dining room but don't want to give up the warm appearance of wood, this is the table for you! Around its tapered wooden surface you can entertain your friends in style, enjoy a family dinner or check your email while savoring a drink. Although delicate and light-legged, its structure of solid oak will support any amount of treasures you can possibly think of.

Moooi works is a team of talented product development professionals within Moooi. For more than 10 years they have designed and developed unique products currently part of the Moooi collection. With more than 10 years of expertise Moooi works doesn’t stop researching and innovating to give birth to unique objects of beauty. Moooi works continues building and growing Moooi's potential with their winning team of talented people.

tapered small table: 74.8" w | 39.4" d | 29.5" h
tapered large table: 98.4" w | 43.3" d | 29.5" h

$2,521.00 + free shipping in the continental U.S.
(please allow 12-14 weeks for delivery)


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Founded in 2001 by complementing personalities Marcel Wanders and Casper Vissers, Moooi is named after the native Dutch word for “beautiful”. According to the company, “the third ‘o’ in the brand name stands for an extra value in terms of beauty & uniqueness.” In additon to Wanders’ work, Moooi has produced work from Bertjan Pot, Maarten Baas, Ross Lovegrove and Studio Job. Ultimately, Wanders is responsible for the overall design selection process.


tapered table

  there are no reviews of this product yet.

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