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pure cotton from ecologically responsible recycled yarns. A luxurious texture & high durability.
finished leather - autoban
a premium quality, natural cowhide leather that's soft, supple & naturally consistent.
linen - autoban
made of natural fibers from the stems of the flax plant. It is hypo-allergenic with a hand-woven, rustic quality that is subtly luxurious and simultan
linen/cotton blend
features a pronounced rustic slub weave that creates a rich texture for relaxed luxury while still hardwearing.
microfiber silk - autoban
A man-made microfiber silk has a smooth, silky surface with a unique texture.
velvet - autoban
natural cotton velvet with a delicate softness and familiar warmth.
viscose blend
a mix of cotton, polyester & viscose, which offers a sumptuous soft texture & outstanding durability.
wool - autoban
soft, hardwearing natural wool suitable for all climates.