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cotton (A)
100% cotton. Cotton is woven from ecologically responsible recycled yarns. A luxurious texture and high durability of 30,000 rubs Martindale makes this fabric suitable for a variety of applications.
linen (A)
100% linen. Made of natural fibers from the stems of a flax plant. It is hypo-allergenic with a hand-woven, rustic quality that is subtly luxurious and simultaneously utilitarian. Linen has an abrasion resistance of 28,000 rubs Martindale. The fiber of the flax filament is long and smooth which gives this fabric great tensile strength and a minimal tendency to stretch. This smoothness also allows dry dirt to be easily removed.
linen/cotton blend (A)
70% linen, 30% cotton. Linen/cotton blend has a pronounced rustic slub weave that creates a rich texture for relaxed luxury. It is hardwearing with an abrasion resistance of 22,000 rubs Martindale.
viscose blend (A)
9% cotton, 51% polyester, 30% viscose. Viscose Blend is a mix of cotton, polyester and viscose, which offers a sumptuous soft texture and outstanding durability at 55,000 rubs Martindale.
wool flannel (A)
100% new wool, 45,000 martindale. Wool is a natural fiber suitable for all climates. the wool fibres adapt easily to room temperature, having a cooling effect in warm rooms and a warming effect in cold rooms. The fibres are elastic so they tolerate compression and stretching better than any other materials. Wool naturally repels dirt & it is not prone to static electricity. Intrinsically flame retardant, wool has a very high ignition temperature and chars rather than drips or melts.
canvas (A)
90% new wool worsted, 10% nylon. 100,000 martindale. Canvas is a refined woolen upholstery textile, which comes in seductive yet subtle colorways inspired by women's couture. Featuring a relatively voluminous and soft weave, Canvas is constructed from material dyed yarns and, consequently, offers exceptional color richness. Its yarns comprise up to three colors and, as two differently colored yarns are used to create every colorway, each combines up to six hues.
clara 2 (A)
92% new wool worsted, 8% nylon. 80,000 martindale. Designed by Anne Birgitte Hansen, has a richness and depth provided by the mixture of yarns. It is extremely hardwearing.
diso (A)
100% viscose pile. 57% viscose, 31% polyester, 12% cotton base. This luxuriously soft velvet is elegant and modern.
divina 3 (A)
100% new wool. 45,000 martindale. Divina is a full-cloth product, which means that it is manufactured by weaving the yarn in a coarse linen hose casing, after which, it is subjected to mechanical processing using very high temperatures, at the same time as it is being colored. This creates a situation where the surface becomes smooth, directionless and uniform in a manner very similar to the properties of felt.
harald 2 velvet (A)
100% cotton. 100,000 martindale. A closely-woven, very short-pile velour, Harald brings the fresh, soft texture of cotton to a directionless velvety textile. The intense color offered by this matte velour places the focus strongly onto the silhouette of the upholstered object, emphasizing its shape and contours.
herringbone linen (A)
100% linen. 25,000 martindale. A collection of luxury upholstery linens suitable for heavy domestic use upholstery, curtains, blinds, loose covers and lampshades, featuring a tightly woven herringbone finish. This is a contemporary fabric range with a modern color representation that will look great all year round.
le lin (A)
100% linen. 16,000 martindale. This plain linen is light and breathable. It is contemporary, rustic and utilitarian.
uniform (A)
68% wool, 22% polyamide, 10% polyester. 80,000 martindale. This nit fabric has great depth of tone and a refined comfort. It is extremely hardwearing.
finished leather (A)
Finished leather is soft, supple, and hardwearing. A corrected grain leather, it is water resistant and easy to clean making it suitable for a wide range of applications. The natural cowhide undergoes a retannage process in addition to being treated with technically advanced finishing formulas to create a protective barrier against spillage and staining.
acapulco (B)
13% cotton, 54% linen, 20% acrylic, 13% nylon. 20,000 martindale. This fabric has a subtle visual depth created by variations in yarn color and thickness.
coda 2 (B)
90% new wool, 10% nylon. 100,000 martindale. Three-dimensional wool. Designed by Norway Says & Per Bjornsen, Coda is woven in two layers with two colors to highlight its three-dimensional character. This tactile fabric is extremely hardwearing.
collobrieres (B)
15% linen, 85% viscose. 40,000 martindale. This fabric has a rustic yet contemporary appearance, a refined comfort and a natural feel.
dehli (B)
100% Trevira CS. 40,000 martindale. This chenille velvet has a luxuriously soft feel and a deep pile. It is very hardwearing.
pitch (B)
25% wool, 10% polyamide, 15% polyester, 50% polyester filling. 60,000 martindale. This knit fabric has great depth of tone and a refined comfort. It is extremely hardwearing.
prince (B)
100% Trevira CS. 27,000 martindale. This fabric features a classic pattern inspired by fashion apparel.
shabby (B)
100% linen. 20,000 martindale. This heavy, plain linen has been washed to create a vintage appearance, while remaining timeless and contemporary.
sunniva 2 (B)
58% new wool, 25% viscose, 8% linen, 5% polyamid, 4% polyester. 50,000 martindale. Bringing a painterly use of color to the interior, Sunniva blends colors and surface textures to create a fabric that from a distance appears to be a rich, even tone, but close-to, reveals something more complex. each colorway in the Sunniva range brings together two tones of wool, woven in a fine, flat, tweed-like pattern, and which is given a glossy top note by the addition of a small quantity of polyamide.
trinidad (B)
87% linen, 13% polyester. 15,000 martindale. Trinidad is a quilted material of very fine plain linen with a diamond-stitch pattern. It is contemporary and comfortable with a natural feel.
vidar 2 (B)
94% new wool, 6% polyamide. Woven from bouclé yarns with a regular loop size, Vidar has a deep, tight, large-grained texture. originally designed by Fanny Aronsen, Vidar has been re-colored by Raf Simons. The gentle satin surface finish of the weave contrasts with the deep shadowy tones in the depths, giving a multifaceted richness to the intense colors in the range. Tightly woven without irregularities, Vidar has an inviting texture.
elmo rustically leather (C)
Aniline leather. Elmorustical has a grain which varies in structure and offers outstanding comfort. It is an Aniline leather with all the distinct features of the natural hide.
elmotique leather (C)
Aniline leather. A thinner grain leather from Scandinavian cattle, Elmotique has a batique effect. The distinct features of the natural hide are clearly visible, lending each piece individuality and character.
venezia (D)
100% silk pile. 55% silk, 45% cotton base. 20,000 martindale. This silk velvet is sumptuously soft, elegant and modern.