testa headboard

testa headboard

testa headboard

Design Gonzalo Mila, Martin Azua & Gerard Moline
100% New Zealand wool or jute, aluminum
Handmade by Nanimarquina

Headboards to give your bedroom an intimate, welcoming feel. This new Nanimarquina project covers the walls, proposing a series of headboards for beds and decorating the wall of the bedroom with the same keys of innovative design, craftsmanship and fine materials as in the rest of the brand's products. This series comprises three models, which leave an intimate and welcoming mark on the sleeping area. They are all held up on a support, designed by Gonzalo Milą, whose system is as simple as it is effective: a fine, anodized aluminum rail that is attached to the wall and upon which the textile headboard is placed.

Hand sewing is possibly the simplest and yet at the same time most complex technique in the production process because it requires highly qualified and patient craftspeople. With each tiny, precise, manual stich, a soft surface and texture is built up.

Nanimarquina was founded in 1987 focusing on offering rugs to a world that is interested in creativity, quality and innovation. Today, Nanimarquina is one of the leading companies in the contemporary rugs sector. Under the premise of "reuse, reduce, recycle", they pay the utmost attention to caring for and preserving the environment that surrounds us. All of their rugs are hand made in countries with great traditions of craftsmanship. Nanimarquina also guarantees that no child labor is used in the manufacturing of their rugs. They also collaborate actively with organizations to further improve standards of living for those directly involved in the process of producing their rugs.

The Testa headboards are handmade and hand sewn using either 100% jute or Afghan wool. They are offered in either the Bauma or spiral detail.

panel: 2'9" h | 6'7" w
wall stand: 6'6" w | 2" h | 1" d

wall stand & headboard: $2,020.00 + free shipping in the continental U.S.
(stocked items usually ship in 2-3 weeks, otherwise please allow 10-12 weeks for delivery)


Nanimarquina is one of the leading companies in the contemporary rugs sector. Constant development and creativity are the common denominators for the entire team of people who make up nanimarquina. We work day after day to convey the essence of our brand, so that values such as craftsmanship, unique pieces, manual production and the most contemporary design mixed with traditional techniques can be infused into each of our rugs and brought to each and every one of the spaces where nanimarquina is present.
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