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Miss Judith Stool

miss judith stool

miss judith stool

Design Judith de Graauw, 2006
Aluminum plates, foam, plastic, upholstery
Made in Holland by Montis

Rife with nostalgia, Miss Judith stool harkens back not to decades past, but rather centuries, to a time when, for many, objects were more than eye candy. Its specialty is in its construction; it was assembled with the same techniques employed in the making of shoes. The surrounding where Montis is situated, originated from the leather shoe-industry. The firm machines, making these shoes are rarely used anymore. Montis thought of using those machines again in a piece of furniture that combines characteristics of past techniques with contemporary ways of producing, used by Montis nowadays.

Miss Judith is offered in your choice of brown Highland leather or Panama leather in white.

20.1" w | 13" d | 20.1" h

$2,089.00 + shipping in the continental U.S.
(please allow 12-16 weeks for this special item to be created and shipped to your location)


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Montis was established in 1974 and quickly focused on modern design with superior seating comfort. The Montis collection stands out with unique color combinations and with their use of various leathers. The company set itself apart from its competitors and achieves high comfort by often applying upholstery to a chair, which was often disregarded in a movement that usually stripped furniture to its essentials. Their techniques came to be regarded as distinctly Dutch.


miss judith stool

  there are no reviews of this product yet.

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