genesy floor lamp

genesy floor lamp

genesy floor lamp

Design Zaha Hadid, 2010
Injection-molded foam polyurethane, steel
Made in Italy by Artemide

Zaha Hadid Architects exploration and research into systems of growth in the natural world have informed the distinct formal language of the Genesy lamp for Artemide. As in the organic development of trees, a sweeping canopy emerges through an extensive interconnected supporting network at the base. The primary components of this organic analogy are transformed from abstract diagrams into Genesy's fluid design. The lamp's structure increases in complexity as it rises from the floor. Like a growing organism, the central support sprouts branches that adopt a greater radial geometry to enhance the dynamic tensional forces of the structure. The Genesy lamp epitomizes the symbiosis between the sensual fluidity of the natural world and the exacting tolerances made possible by state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies.

Genesy floor lamp offers adjustable direct diffused halogen & LED lighting. The structure is in hydroformed metal, anti-dazzle louvre in thermoplastic material. A joint along the vertical lamp developement allows a 350º rotation. Touch dimmers on stem.

76.75" h | 48" d | includes 1x200W R7s halogen & 12W LED array

$11,365.00 + free shipping in the continental U.S.
(please allow 10-16 weeks for delivery)
The Artemide light has never been solely a function of seeing, or an opportunity for formal experimentation with lamps as objects. For more than forty years, Artemide has aimed to propose light as a companion to people, as a source of physical pleasure and mental comfort. Artemide has done so, with different work groups, searching through the whole design process, starting with a declaration of values - The human light. Beyond the definition, the human light is intelligent light. A light that knows it has to relate to people, accompanying them in their daily activities.
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