container bowl

container bowl

container bowl

Design Marcel Wanders, 2006
Polyethylene bowl
Made in The Netherlands by Moooi

The Container bowl functions on both a commercial and consumer level. When comprised with the container foot the Bowl acts as a multi-use container. Alone or with the 'Container Bowl Top' addition the Container Bowl serves as a neat Paper bowl for magazines and mail, once the top has been added , the magazines vanish from sight and the Container bowl becomes a coffee table.

Marcel Wanders grew up in Boxtel, the Netherlands and graduated cum laude from the School of the Arts Arnhem in 1988. His fame started with the iconic Knotted Chair in 1996. He is now designing for the biggest European contemporary design manufacturers including Moooi of which he is also art director and co-owner. He works on architectural, interior design and consumer home appliances. His designs have been selected for the most important design collections and exhibitions around the world.

The Container Bowl features an intricate floral motif which decorates the inner surface of the bowl. The Container Bowl is also available mounted onto various sized Container feet. An optional 'Container bowl top' is available, creating a neat little storage chamber inside. Available in black or white and suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

container with no base:
28.3" dia. | 8.6" h

$585.00 + free shipping in the continental U.S.
(usually ships in 6-8 weeks)


Founded in 2001 by complementing personalities Marcel Wanders and Casper Vissers, Moooi is named after the native Dutch word for “beautiful”. According to the company, “the third ‘o’ in the brand name stands for an extra value in terms of beauty & uniqueness.” In additon to Wanders’ work, Moooi has produced work from Bertjan Pot, Maarten Baas, Ross Lovegrove and Studio Job. Ultimately, Wanders is responsible for the overall design selection process.
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