pummaroriella piatti pizza plate

pummaroriella piatti pizza plate

pummaroriella piatti pizza plate

Design Massimo Giacon, 2006
White Porcelain
Made by Alessi

The Pummaroriella piatti are part of the "Family Follows Function" series and Alessi's line of playful objects for the home. They are two sets, each set consists of two pizza plates in decorated white porcelain. A fun design to use around the house. Very cute and uninhibited approach that is becoming more of the fashion in design for the new century.

Born in Padua, Italy, Massimo is a comic-strip artist and illustrator, a leading light in the renewal of Italian comics. He divides his time as a graphic artist, designer, musician and artist.

12.25" dia.

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Massimo Giacon

Massimo Giacon was primarily a comic artist, but has brought those lighthearted sensibilities into the world of home design. He also works in digital illustration and as a musician. From 2000 to 2009 he created home furnishing products for Alessi. These products stand out as some of the company’s most peculiar items, being both innovative and playful. They include: Mr. Cold, (a character that dispenses liquid soap from his nose), Mr. Suicide (a character that plugs the bath and seems to drown in it), as well as Pummaroriella (pizza plates) and many decorative figurines that straddle the line between art and toy.


Alessi was founded in 1921 by Giovanni Alessi to produce crafted metal products for eating and drinking. In 1935, Carlo Alessi, son of Giovanni, was named chief designer. In 1945, he ascended to chief executive and designed the coffee service Bombé, an industrial piece manufactured in four sizes. That same year Carlo's younger brother, Ettore Alessi, joined the company as a technician. By the 1980s, Alberto Alessi took over the management of Alessi and launched the Alessi company into the design decade through collaborations with designers such as Philippe Starck and his playful three-legged Juicy Salif citrus squeezer.
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